Monday, August 12, 2013

August Inspection

 Date 08-10-2013
Weather: PC, hot, humid, thunder

Both hives seem to be doing good. Didn't see the queen in either, but did see eggs, larvae, capped brood - all the good signs. I just hope they will get built up enough to make it through the winter.

Special thanks to McCartney Taylor at for the tip on using the hair clips. I used quite a few in hive #1 while doing the cutout.

Hive #1
 In hive #2,  I just laid the brood comb in the back of the hive, similar to what Les Crowder showed in his book which I highly recommend, along with his DVD.
Hive #2
Both methods work, and both have pros and cons. I will probably use them both again if I do any more cutouts.

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