Monday, August 12, 2013

August Inspection

 Date 08-10-2013
Weather: PC, hot, humid, thunder

Both hives seem to be doing good. Didn't see the queen in either, but did see eggs, larvae, capped brood - all the good signs. I just hope they will get built up enough to make it through the winter.

Special thanks to McCartney Taylor at for the tip on using the hair clips. I used quite a few in hive #1 while doing the cutout.

Hive #1
 In hive #2,  I just laid the brood comb in the back of the hive, similar to what Les Crowder showed in his book which I highly recommend, along with his DVD.
Hive #2
Both methods work, and both have pros and cons. I will probably use them both again if I do any more cutouts.

Monday, June 3, 2013

After the Cutout

I have inspected the two top bar hives from the cutout I did and #2 had eggs, so it looks like I got the queen. #1 had a lot of nectar, but no eggs (of course), so I purchased a queen from a local beek and installed her Friday (05-31). I will hopefully have time to check her Wednesday before church and make sure she is released. The #2 hive started cross-combing, so I borrowed an empty comb from #1 to try to steer them in the right direction and give the queen something to lay in. We'll see how they do maybe this weekend.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Weekend Cutout

Finally. After a long season without bees, I got a new start. My cousin's husband called me some time last year and asked about getting some bees out of a house that they owned. It was late in the year, so I told them if it was ok to wait until this spring and I would be glad to get them out.

This Spring has been very wet and cold, so I had to wait until this past weekend to try it. On Friday (05-24-2013), around 11am after work, I began. After checking several places, we finally found them in the floor joists over the carport and under an upstairs bedroom.

It was 2pm before I even got started extracting the hive, and shortly thereafter, my son came by to give much needed help. We didn't finish on Friday, so I was back out Saturday morning to finish it up.

I wound up splitting the hive into two top bar hives, and I don't know if I got the queen in either box. In box #1, I'm quite sure they have resources to make a queen, but in #2, I don't recall any eggs or larvae, just capped brood.

Ants were a problem the first day at home in both hives, and in hive #1 yesterday. Hive #1 also suffered mild robbing on Monday. I think I'll take a look at them today and see how they are.

A short vid of the project is here.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Been a while since an update, and still not much to post, except I plan to do some cutouts this spring and hopefully get back into watching these magnificent bees. We will see what happens.
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