Monday, October 24, 2011

Quick Update

I know it's been like forever, but I'm still around and kicking. Just did a short interview over the weekend about beekeeping and TBHs. Now for the bad news: the colony that I cut out from the church was upended by the April 27th tornado and never recovered. The good news: my house did not get upended like most of my neighbors. Everything around was pretty much totalled and my home did suffer damage, but all was not lost. I may post some pics later, but most of you probably already know what it looked like after the EF4 plowed through Tuscaloosa. I am truly thankful to be able to continue this blog - so bear with me and I'll try to get back at it next spring!


  1. Please do write again, i thought you had a good blog. I hope everyone in your town is doing better.

  2. I am in a hunting camp in Sumter County and, ab9 months ago, a bee colony established itself under one of our above ground buildings. We dont want to dstroy them. Would you know anyone who would be interested in them?

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