Monday, May 24, 2010

Inspection of the cut-out hive

Date: May 22, 2010
Weather: Hot. Scattered Clouds.

I got to inspect the hive that I cut out of the wall.

  • Most of the brood had hatched & the cells backfilled with honey
  • There was at least one queen cell on a piece of loose brood comb
  • No eggs, larvae or new capped cells in the new comb
  • I did not physically see a queen
  • Bees were calm. They were chewing at the strings & some were tangled in the frayed string.

Here's a video of what I found.

My take:
  • The hive is probably queenless or either a new (fresh hatched) queen has not started laying yet.
I need to keep a close check on this one, so that I can take action if needed.


  1. Ok, first what side was the queen cell open at? If its open at the end (were it narrows to a tip) then she hatched, if its open at the base or side that means you have ether a new virgin queen, or the old one, that killed the new queen cell. Once a queen hatches she kills the other queen cells by chewing through em and killin whats inside. If you have chewed out queen cells this means you still have a queen virgin or otherwise. Did you see any new comb? It didn't look like there was any newly built comb at all 20 days and no new comb.. Did you feed the new cut-out just to get them started? Your bees were very calm :)

  2. Sam,
    The open cell that looked like a queen cell was from the side. Plus, there was one unhatched cell. There was quite a bit of new comb. I did feed, but they didn't take any.

  3. ok then your alright, I didn't see any new comb just because I didn't see it doesn't mean its not there, if its open from the side you have a queen in there somewhere virgin or otherwise. Sounds like your on track imho. They wont take feed when they have a good flow usually. I'm glad your bees are ok :)


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