Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Inspection

The sun came out long enough to look into the hives. Here's a short video on what we found:
TBH Inspection May, 2009

We were excited to see that a queen had emerged and started laying in hive #2. The bees had comb on 3 or 4 bars and they should take off for the next month or so. I took out one of the comb ends that I cut from hive #1 to fit into #2 - it was empty. The other piece had pollen in it, so I left it. I removed the follower and inserted all the bars so the bees can have at it.

In hive #1, I only observed the last few combs in back. there was not much honey, but a lot of capped brood. They too should build up very well.

Also, this past Thursday, I attended my first West Alabama Beekeepers' meeting. Maybe half the members were there, and it was pretty much just an open discussion. Most of the members there had as little or less experience than myself. The good thing is, like myself, they are eager to learn. I hope all goes well.

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