Monday, July 21, 2008

Back in Business!

Well, guess what? I called the beek Friday eve and he said he had been trying to get in touch with me. He said the last day I talked with him that he hived a swarm in both of the other TBHs (3' plywood & a small nuc) I brought him, and that they have been working in them ever since. So, Saturday evening (after another $100 for the bees) my son and I loaded them up & brought them home.
Yesterday morning b4 church I checked them and they seemed to be doing fine. It didn't take them long to find the abandoned hive I already had and they began robbing what little was left in it. My son wanted to harvest the abandoned combs, so we did (we will melt them down, later).
One 3' hive had a follower about 3/4 back. I could tell that this hive was crowded (he said the swarm was HUGE), and so when we picked up the follower to move it to the rear, there was fully drawn comb on the adjacent bar. I don't know if they started at the front, or the rear. I actually peeked in the nuc Saturday. Looks like they started from the rear & are working towards the front about 1/2 way. I will eventually xfr the nuc to a full TBH. Looks like I am back in business Very Happy!

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